Convenience & Dependence

I have a love/hate relationship with technology. There are many, many things technology is good for, obviously. All through college I loved having the online database for the library, so I didn’t have to actually go there. I love typing up papers instead of hand writing them. I think it’s great to have a cell phone and be able to call anyone from anywhere, especially in emergencies. I enjoy having a debit card so that I don’t have to carry cash around. How convenient is this stuff in the end?

Then my stuff breaks. My computer crashes, and I wonder how anyone ever survived without a computer of their own. How could anyone have written papers by hand! How could they have gone ALL THE WAY to the library and searched for BOOKS!? My phone dies and I wonder how anyone could ever get a hold of me. I drive my car without my phone and worry that my car will break down and I will DIE because I can’t call for help. My credit card gets stolen, then my identity…

It seems that as technology progresses, it is easier to get screwed over. We become dependent on things that didn’t used to exist. People didn’t always have the “need” to stay in touch 24/7. If you wanted someone, you wrote a letter or actually went to their house. People used to read more and study harder, now the world seems to be at our fingertips. People used to just have cash and bank accounts for their money, but now it’s all plastic. We can literally have our identities stolen. I find this disturbing. Did people ever have this problem before all of this technology was around?

Lately, I have been feeling like technology makes humans handicapped. If our phones or computers break, we have a meltdown. Some of us whine or bitch or cry because we won’t be able to do anything without our cell phones or computers. We freeze. We can hardly comprehend going on without staying connected to everyone. I think people should practice being apart from their phones and computers. Go on a walk and leave the phone home. Somehow, it feels freeing.