Cave Men & Abortion

Lately, whenever I read or watch news about current events, all I see are things relating to women’s reproductive rights. All I see are men trying to make laws about birth control, contraceptives, and abortion. I don’t want to go into deep detail about bills and laws. My main question is, who the hell has the right to make these laws? Why are people even trying to intrude on the business of others? I don’t feel that I have the right to tell anyone what to do with their bodies, and I feel that no one has the right to tell me what to do with mine. Forming laws about reproductive rights and denying these rights to women is equally as terrible as female genital mutilation in other countries. Those women have their options taken away, they don’t get a choice about what happens to their bodies. I don’t see any difference between that and taking our rights away. Some may see these as extreme opposites but I do not. That is the degree of disgust I have with the mere idea of people trying to make laws about our bodies. I have a theory though.

I keep trying to think of why men, especially, would think that they have any right to make laws against abortion (because I just must find an explanation). Then I remind myself that almost everything we do can be tied back to evolution. Daily, men produce several hundred million sperm. Women are born with about seven million eggs and release only one per month. Because of their excess of reproductive fluids, men feel the need to spread their seed. Many people blame cheating on this fact. They want their seed spread far and wide. They want their genes to be carried on forever and ever and to never die off. Women, on the other hand, have to choose carefully who they mate with because they have a limited supply of eggs. They don’t want to waste their eggs on a man who can’t or won’t support them (or on a complete idiot, because… come on). So back to abortion and why men seem to hate it more than anybody. I am concluding that it’s because they are threatened by it. We have a way to control who we mate with, or when we mate with them, and they hate that. I’m wondering when we will evolve and be able to move past this cave man crap.

I can think of theories all day as to why people act the way they do. Unfortunately, this doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t make it okay for anyone to make these decisions about women. Life is hard and complicated enough without laws about our reproductive rights. Leave my uterus alone and think about something that really matters. Help starving children, make schools better, and stop wasting your money on something you have no business thinking about.

Side note: Men does not = all men (because I like to cover my ass).



I hate grocery shopping. When I lived in Chico for school I tried to save money by going to Winco for groceries. It was cheap but always crowded on weekends, which were the only days I had time to shop. I can’t stand crowds either. One day the parking lot was extremely full. I thought I found a good parking space and was amazed. When I went to pull into the space I saw that there was a shopping cart in it. I was annoyed but tried to fit my car in anyways. As I was pulling forward a man walked in front of my car and I freaked out. I was waving my hands around angrily and cursing and was just pissed off. Then I realized that the man walked in front of my car to move the shopping cart for me… I felt terrible. Once I parked I thanked him.

The rest of the grocery trip I felt so bad. I couldn’t believe I assumed the worst of someone when they were trying to be kind. I realized that this is something people do every day. Assume the worst. Why do we do this? Maybe we assume the worst because we see negative things happening every day all around us. We see terrible things on the news and terrible things happen to us. Why do the terrible things stand out? Maybe is because terrible things evoke stronger emotions than good things.

This story is something I have always remembered vividly and I retell it often. I see this story as one that restores my faith in humanity. People still perform random acts of kindness. It’s just sad that we find it shocking when the random acts of kindness happen to us.


In psychology classes the first thing you learn is not to believe everything you hear. Be skeptical. I began thinking this way when it came to reading an article in a popular magazine, or having a conversation with a fellow student, even family members and friends. They give me a “fact” and I think about it and wonder where this information came from, if it’s true, and I consider doing my own research on the subject depending on my interest.

I understand being skeptical in daily conversation, in unreliable reading material (coughwikipediacough), and the news, but what about with professionals? What about talking to the people you see as the most trusted, like doctors, professors, and other highly educated individuals who specialize in a certain area of study? This is the area I have a hard time being skeptical in.

I took a great biological psychology class one summer and I loved my professor. She was very knowledgeable, funny, and over all a great professor. One fact that stuck with me has to do with how melatonin works. Melatonin is the chemical our bodies produce in the evening that makes us sleepy. Many people use melatonin supplements as sleep aids. What this professor told us is that if you take melatonin as a sleep aid at night, it doesn’t help. Our bodies already produce melatonin at night and adding more doesn’t have an effect. But taking melatonin for someone with jet-lag when their body isn’t producing the melatonin at the right time is very effective.

I recently posted this fact on a forum where someone asked what kinds of sleep aids are effective. I immediately got responses about people’s personal experiences with melatonin supplements being effective at night. I began to wonder, is taking melatonin supplements at night a placebo effect? Or was my professor, who I trusted so much, wrong?

Doing my own research on this subject would probably be exhausting and would come down to me wanting to do my own experiments on people, testing chemical levels, etc… none of which I have the means or knowledge to do.

I generally choose not to blindly trust my sources of information, I just need to learn that even experienced professionals can be wrong and can make mistakes.