Healthy Resolutions

I have two new year’s resolutions:

1. Be better about brushing my teeth before bed.
2. Start exercising again.

The first one…. well… once I lay in bed and get comfy and remember that I didn’t brush my teeth, I still don’t. I’m working on it.

The second one, on the other hand, is going very well so far. I started exercising every weekday, since weekends I work longer hours and its harder to fit in. I have had much success in the past with The FIRM videos, so that’s what I’m doing. Motivating myself can be a challenge. I wake up, lay in bed with my computer, play around on the internet, watch a show or two, THEN get my coffee and drink it while playing on the internet some more… I get so comfy and think, gah, I have to work out but I’m so comfy! Eventually I get out of bed and put my work out clothes on. Once I do this, I feel ready to get my butt in gear. There is something about getting changed and putting my hair up that makes me feel ready for a workout.

The other thing that gets me ready for a workout is the fact that I KNOW how wonderful I feel once I’m done. My head is clear, my body feels good, my endorphins are dancing around giving me more energy, and I feel ready to conquer the rest of the day.

So far I am feeling better physically and better about myself mentally. Trying to make this an ongoing habit is the hard part, starting it is easy.


Mental Health Matters

Right now, you might be fine. You might not have any sort of mental problems, no emotional stress whatsoever. But someday you will. My meanest college professor told our class this, and she is right. It may not be you who develops a mental health disorder, or who has emotional stress, but it may be a loved one. You may need to be there for someone when they are working through their problems. This is why I think mental health awareness is very important. It is also important to check on your own mental health. I’m not saying go to a therapist annually to make sure everything is running smoothly upstairs. Simply check up on yourself, don’t spread yourself too thin. Remember to take “you” days. Do things that relax you, even for ten minutes. It is much easier to take this time and keep yourself healthy than to break down altogether. I like to remind myself and others that the human mind is extremely fragile. The sticks and stones saying isn’t true. Words hurt. Be kind to others, you never know how badly your words might hurt someone.