Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. It always has been, even when I was single, even when I was depressed. There is something magical about a day devoted to love. The one thing I hate about Valentine’s Day is the people who hate Valentine’s Day; people who call it “single’s awareness day.”  Yes, media advertises Valentine’s Day as a day for couples to celebrate their love, a day for proposals, a day to have a first date.

How I have always seen Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate LOVE in general. I give my mom a Valentine, I text people I care about, I make cards for people, I give people candy, I remind EVERYONE I love that I love them!

The way I see it is, Valentine’s Day is shitty and depressing if YOU make it shitty and depressing- just like any other day. If you think love is worth celebrating, celebrate it! Bake things for people, go out with a friend, send cards, and buy candy. Make a date for YOU! There is nothing depressing about loving yourself.

Life is about attitudes. If you have a shitty attitude, life sucks. You can change it in an instant. You can even choose to ignore Valentine’s Day. It is a regular day where people still have to work, after all. Just don’t shit all over everyone who DOES love Valentine’s Day. We get it, you’re single, you’re sad, and you want attention too. Either keep it to yourself or change your day by changing your attitude.


Cookie Cutters

I keep wondering when I will be able to live my life for myself. I guess I have a faint idea. When I get a job, save some money, and can live on my own. This is my personal definition of adulthood.

I can’t help but wonder that even when this happens for me, will I even be doing what I want to do? Every time I think about something I want, personally, I feel that I am looking over my shoulder, wondering what my family will think of me. For many families, including my own, there is a certain order to things.

We graduate high school, then attend college, and get a high enough degree to do something with it. Next, I am assuming, (since my sister and I have not yet been to this point) find a man (or someone), date for a while, get married, have babies. Oh but wait. Before the dating for a while or getting married part, it will take about a year and a half for my family to even approve of this someone I happen to love. Joy!

So what if I want to do things differently? I have enough hesitations about marriage, what if I don’t want that? But then I do want babies. Oh dear me. I will have skipped a crucial step. I can already see the looks I will get. I can already feel my ears burning from my entire family talking behind my back. Yes.

I guess what I am wondering is why we are supposed to follow this cookie-cutter way of life. I grew up being told that we should do what makes us happy. I was never told, “Do what makes you happy, but please submit a draft and wait for our approval and if we deny your happiness draft, please revise.”

I am accepting of people’s choices, I can only hope that no matter what kind of choices I make, people will be accepting of mine.