Divorce, Holidays & Marriage

Being a child of divorce makes holidays particularly miserable. Especially when you have two very large sides of the family and one side consists of master guilt-trippers. I used to love the holidays, but after years of being dragged back and forth, people guilt tripping me, and basically sucking all of the joy out of the holidays, I have become a Scrooge, Grinch, Negative Nancy, whatever. I hate the holidays.

Now I am getting married and I have THREE families to please. Well, let me tell you, this year it feels so easy to say ‘no’ to both my families and say ‘yes’ to my awesome new family. All I have ever wanted was a stress-free holiday season! I guess even normal families find the holiday season to be stressful, so at the very least I want a less stressful one. With my awesome fiancé, my Scroogy-Grinchy-Negative-Nancy-ness is subsiding. I hate it a little less when stores start advertising for Christmas so damn early. I even decorated our apartment already for Christmas (minus the tree).

I guess I forgot the point of this post, besides, marriage is good, divorce is bad, mkay?