Something Nice

Sometimes life seems to be filled with criticism and negativity. Some people are overly critical, but others are also overly sensitive. No matter who you are, you can only take so much of it. We may see someone making bad decisions, or not living their life the way we want them to. Even if we see these things, we need to realize that more likely than not, they are doing something right, something noteworthy. Maybe from where we see it, they are doing nothing right. But are they happy? Let’s keep in mind that we aren’t all the same. We do not all have the same perspective or outlook on life. Doing the “right” things may be “right” to you, that doesn’t mean they are right for everybody (I’m talking life decisions here, not murder, obviously). Really, this goes back to development here.

Little kids are egotistical. Meaning, they literally cannot see things from another person’s perspective. You have a toy they want, they take it. They aren’t being mean, they just don’t understand the perspective of the person who had the toy first. They don’t see that the other person may be sad if they take it, and they can’t speculate about what may happen if they take the toy. Adults have this concept, for the most part. If I see someone eating a bagel, and I want it, I’m obviously not going to take it and eat it myself. I can speculate that the person would yell at me and/or attack me. We do have this down… but why can’t we always see things from the perspective of another person when it comes to life in general?

We see someone squandering their time, just working and having fun. But who decided their time is being squandered? From the outside, it looks like working and partying and nothing else. What is going on within the person? You really don’t know. They may be having a huge internal battle about where their life is going, what to do next, and they are probably hoping that someone understands. Instead of assuming someone’s time is being wasted, try to put yourself in their shoes. I know, original thing to say, right? Well, its true. We need to remember to look at things from another perspective, and to not always criticize. Even if we disagree with everything someone is doing, say something nice, every day if possible. No one wants to be met with a critical comment every day. We want to be reminded that we are doing something right. Even the most minuscule compliment can turn someone’s day around (whoever is reading this, you are awesome… feels good, right?).

Don’t forget, assuming makes an ass out of you and me. We are no longer egotistical children.