Where did the Good Go?

Is there really a such thing as altruism? Do we ever do things for others solely for that person? I am having a difficult time saying yes to this. I like to think that people are altruistic at times, and that they do things without themselves in mind… but deep down, aren’t we always doing things for ourselves? I really enjoy helping others out. When I am home, I try to do the dishes or help out in other ways… but generally, if I don’t do these things, I feel like an ass. So really, aren’t I helping others so that I don’t feel bad about myself? When I see that someone is sad, I want to help them cheer up because it makes me feel bad that they are feeling bad. So if I help cheer them up, am I not also cheering myself up in the process? I can even go as far as to argue a more extreme example: if someone threw themselves in front of a bus to save another person, could they have lived with seeing another human being die in front of them? I still like to think that there is pure altruism out there… but is it?