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Finding Faith

With most things in life, we take examples from our immediate family. We see what love is supposed to be like. We learn how to communicate… or we don’t. We see what relationships or marriages are supposed to be like. We may learn negative things as well. Some may gather that violence is a normal part of life. Some end up questioning life. Why get married if my parents were never happy? Do marriages ever work? I question a lot of things… and based on what I have grown up with in my immediate family, marriage looks… less than impressive. This is why I think we need to expand where we find our examples. We can’t just stay in our little bubble of family or friends. We need to take examples from elsewhere. No, I am not saying movies or fairy tales or reality TV. God no. Just pay attention. Do you ever see a little old couple at a grocery store holding hands? When I see things like this, I notice it, and I take time to appreciate it. People DO grow old together. Just being where I work gives me faith in people and relationships and marriages. I get to see older couples caring for each other and doing things together. I sit quietly and watch and think to myself about how amazing and wonderful it must be. I feel grateful just getting to see these things. I can’t help but realize how much I want that.


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